About Us

TeeMaa is dedicated to search for the best tea from China and all over the world. We are passionate to guide our customers to explore the wonderful world of tea. We also hold tea tasting events at our tea house, as well as customize tea events for companies, organizations and private clients.   

Many of our tea is sourced directly from the tea farms. We know the tea farmers, who hand-pick the tea leaves and produce the tea with talent and passion. 

Our Vision

Through tea and tea culture, we would like to promote a healthy and sustainable way of living. Tea cultures are also a door to understanding the cultures of different countries. 


Our Team

Peng Luo, is the founder of TeeMaa. She grew up in the countryside in China, where drinking tea is an inseparable part of everyday life. She came to Finland for university study but found that this is the place she wants to build a home. 

She founded TeeMaa out of her love for tea and a strong wish that people in Finland can also enjoy the real good quality Chinese teas.  

TeeMaa in Media

Xinyuan Sui,  is tea lover and passionate about the healthy and mindful way of living through introducing tea culture and holding tea ceremonies. She believes that wonderful things will happen when the beauty of eastern culture meets the west.  

Xinyuan is also a yoga enthusiast, a certified yoga instructor and Chinese language teacher.